CAMP Certification

Certified Asset Management Professional

Individuals who successfully complete all 6 Courses of the Asset Management Professional certificate program and are PEMAC members in good standing are eligible to apply to PEMAC for the “Certified Asset Management Professional” (CAMPTM) Certification from PEMAC. 

Additional requirements to maintain certification may be stipulated from time to time by the Education and Professional Development committee.

It's early days for this certification (and all Asset Management Certifications, for that matter). PEMAC is positioning CAMP similar to MMP as one of the most meaningful Asset Management certifications in the world.

A Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition system is under consideration but at present it is necessary to take all of the courses to achieve the CAMPTM certification.

Certification Process

Congratulations! If you have completed the course requirements through Humber College it's time to apply to PEMAC for your CAMP Certification.

1) If you are not already, become a PEMAC member

2) Order your transcripts from Humber College and save/scan them to .pdf format

3) Log in as a member and fill out the quick online application for PEMAC CAMP Certification

Pending change

After August 31st, 2018, PEMAC membership will be optional. In lieu of the membership requirement you register with PEMAC as an CAMP Certificant which will include a Certification fee. A requirement to demonstrate continuing professional development to maintain your certification will be required by August 31st, 2018. That said, we want to keep you as a member! So PEMAC members who are CAMPs will get a significant discount on their certification and recertification fees.