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Strategic Plan


All committees, chapters, and teams are encouraged to review the Strategic Plan regularly and align their activities with PEMAC's Vision, Mission, Goals and Objectives.

This page includes information about PEMAC's Vision, Mission, Strategic Goals, Objectives, Initiatives and Measures which are under development to help ensure strategic alignment and improved outcomes.

Ideas for new initiatives are welcome. Please study this document before making your suggestion. You'll find the 'suggestion' button at the bottom of this page


Strategic Plan Pyramid

Vision and Mission


Recognized as Canadian leaders in asset management.


Promoting and enabling excellence in maintenance, reliability, and asset management through collaboration, applied learning, leadership and advocacy.    


  • Integrity

  • Credibility

  • Leadership

  • Learning

  • Collaboration

Strategic Goals

Our key strategic goals to achieve in the next strategic mission are:

A: Reinforce and enhance our offerings in maintenance, reliability and asset management

B: Raise awareness for the professional field of asset management

C: Grow the capacity of PEMAC to support our vision

D: Broaden community engagement through “connect, learn and contribute”

E: Set high standards for asset management excellence in Canada

Score Card



Those objectives that are highlighted are currently getting focus for improvement. The letter refers to the Strategic Goal that the objective aligns with. 

A1: Number of offerings in the Maintenance and Reliability subject area.

Meeting Stretch

B1: Advocacy - Number of presentations and articles by our members  to an audience that is "outside our current box" on the topic of Asset Management and/or the relationship between MM & AM.​ 


C1: Gross Revenue

Meeting Plan

C2: Number of courses being improved each year compared to roadmap.


C3: Number of new courses each year compared to roadmap. 


C4: Number of volunteers who participate.

Meeting Plan

C5: Governance - Compliance with road mapped transition plan re "Policy Board".

Meeting Stretch

D1. Retention. Percentage of Members / Certificants from previous year who have renewed.


D2: Participant hours in programs (besides education and certification) including: MainTrain, Chapter Events, Webcasts & CPD Contributions to PEMAC.


E1: Participant-hours in PEMAC Education and Certification programs (MMP, AMP, CAMA)

Worse than last year
E2: Number of Asset Management Certifications CAMP, CTAM, CPAM, CSAM Certifications Issued. 
Worse than last yearWorse than last year
Meeting PlanMeeting Base
Meeting BaseMeeting Plan (10% Growth)
Meeting StretchMeeting Stretch (15% Growth)

Scorecard last updated July 2022


Do you have an idea or an initiative that could help us move the needle on our objectives?

Make a Suggestion

Some suggestions will be implemented immediately if it's aligned and the resources are available. Others may need further development into a "Charter". Read the "Initiative Development Handbook" for more information on the process.