Call for Abstracts

The Call for Abstracts for MainTrain 2019 is now closed. Thank you to all those who have submitted. We will get back to you on May 28th.

Subject Areas

Subject matter in any of the PEMAC Body of Knowledge categories is welcome.

The subjects covered by PEMAC educational programs, certifications and events are defined by, and aligned to two subject outlines which could be thought of as two different lenses on the overall life of assets.

1) The "Asset Management" lens is made up of the 6 subject groups and the 39 subjects of the GFMAM Asset Management Landscape V2

2) The "Maintenance Management" lens is made up of 10 subject groups and the 56 subjects of the PEMAC Maintenance Management Framework which has been based on the GFMAM Maintenance Management Framework

An overview of the subject areas and the relationships between them can be found in the Knowledge tab of the website. Many examples of past presentations are available in the Shared Learning Library.

Abstract submission process:

1. Preview the abstract submission guidelines.

Abstract Submission Guidelines
In .pdf format for on screen viewing

2. Prepare your submission.Abstract Submission Worksheet

3. If necessary, qualify for abstract submission by either becoming a member or registering as a content submitter.

If you have taken either of these steps in the past but forget your password, please go to step 4 and use the password recovery feature of the login form.

Become a Member -or-

Register as a Content Submitter (Closed)
4. Log in and complete the abstract submission form.Submit your Abstract (CLOSED)
5. Review and edit your profile information.Content Submitter Profile

Important Dates:

May 15Deadline for abstract submissions 
Apr 19 – May 28MainTrain review committee scores abstracts 
May 30Selected presenters are invited to submit PowerPoint and Papers which will be due by August 1st

Session Guidelines

Workshop Guidelines

Aug 1All drafts of PPT and Papers (or Learning objectives for workshops) must be submitted 
Aug 1 - 19Committee conducts final review of presentations 
Aug 19Presenters are notified of any suggested changes 
Sep 2All final PPT, Papers, Learning Objectives (workshops) and Content Sharing Forms must be submitted 
Sep 16-19The big event! Bring bring your presentation on a USB Drive. Workshop presenters should print and bring their own handouts. 


For any inquiries, please contact