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who owns Reliability in your organization

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who owns Reliability in your organization
It seems as if maintenanceandreliability is all one word - but is it - who owns Reliability in ypur organization?
Alan Johnson
Who does is often maintenance. More by default that any other reason. They are the ones that get beat up whenever equipment is off-line. Maintenance in many cases can only manage, monitor, maintain what they have. They don't have a lot of control over what they have to maintain, how is it designed and constructed or how it is operated. It has to be realized that others in the organization can have a big impact on reliably too. Operations in how they run the equipment. Designers in how they build facilities can impact reliability by what they buy, and how they install it. Management in their expectations of production volumes and production costs. Who should? I think it has to be the organization as a whole. It has to be a part of the culture.