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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

EPCOR Water Services Inc (EWSI) began development of their Asset Management Roadmap / Framework in 2011. The initial Framework was closely aligned with BSI PAS 55 (later revised to reflect ISO 55000). In this session learn how EWSI attempted a typical management system development process over a 24 month period, and why this initial approach was unsuccessful.  In late 2013, a revised approach that looked at the asset management related gaps within EWSI operations and used process improvement methodology to develop procedures and tools to resolve those gaps was attempted. One of the major gaps identified was lack of asset management plans.  In 2014, a pilot project focussing on the 10-Steps of asset management (SIMPLE) was completed.  Learn how this pilot project allowed demonstration of the start-to-finish development of an asset management plan, and the development and field testing of several standards, procedures and tools that will become part of the asset management framework.   This approach demonstrated the value of asset management, resulting in greater understanding and acceptance of asset management throughout EWSI.  

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MainTrain 2015
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Asset Management Framework Subject: 
01 Strategy & Planning, 1.01 Asset Management Policy, 1.02 Asset Mgmt Strategy & Objectives
Maintenance Management Framework Subject: 
01 Business & Organization Context, 1.1 Requirements & Expectations, 03 Asset Strategy Management, 3.1 Asset Maintenance Plans
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Specialist, Asset Management Strategy
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Epcor Utilities
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Lindsay is a Specialist, Asset Management Strategy at EPCOR Water Services, based in Edmonton, Alberta. In this role, she is involved with the development of the internal Asset Management Framework, and provides support to EPCOR’s municipal and industrial water treatment sites, including assisting with the development and optimization of planned maintenance schedules, asset renewal/replacement modelling and forecasting, and the facilitation of asset criticality and maintenance review/optimization workshops. Lindsay holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Alberta and is a professional engineer in the Province of Alberta. Meet Lindsay during her session.