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Teaching Old Dogs New Tricks: Supervisory Leadership Transformation Case Studies

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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Most front line lead hands or supervisors are appointed to their positions because they are good at their jobs. But how often do they get management training to work effectively with people and build their teams? This presentation highlights five companies who invested in front line supervisor in-person leadership training to work effectively with diverse workforces. It describes their struggles, successes and explains what works to transform "good workers" into "inspired, confident team leaders".

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MainTrain 2016
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Presentation Slides
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05 Organization & People, 5.02 Asset Management Leadership, 5.03 Organizational Structure, 5.04 Organizational Culture, 5.05 Competence Management
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01 Business & Organization Context, 1.2 Enablers & Constraints, 07 Human Resource Management, 7.2 Education, Training & Development, 7.3 Skills & Qualification Mgmt, 7.4 Roles & Responsibilities, 7.5 Contractor Management, 10 Continuous Improvement, 10.2 Benchmarking
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Shift Management
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Marie  provides managerial training and intercultural competency leadership for business and industry. Her work has a particular focus on systemic change and developing capacity. Some of her areas of expertise are in: workforce and management systems analysis, intercultural leadership training, conflict resolution, job performance improvement, and managerial training for a multi-ethnic workplace, particularly for a variety of literacy and English language proficiency levels.