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Sustainability Through Reliability Initiatives at Toronto Pearson Airport

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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Over the last few years at Toronto Pearson Airport there has been a significant increase in the number of travellers and subsequently a number of new retail food establishments have been added to cater and meet the demand. This session will highlight the challenges of this growth and the increased strain it put on the airport's mechanical systems infrastructure causing service interruptions which affected travellers, tenants and internal operations. In this session participants will see the process Toronto Pearson underwent to assess and diagnose the problems using a Root Cause Analysis (RCA) model, and how we developed and implemented solutions.  Participants will see that the reliability initiative was not only able to identify and assist us with technology improvements but helped Toronto Pearson develop new internal standards which have propelled us to a new phase in "water sustainability". Toronto Pearson was the first airport in North America to receive the ISO 14001 certification. These initiatives will help us to meet our commitments to the environment and sustainability into the future.

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MainTrain 2015
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03 Lifecycle Delivery, 3.05 Maintenance Delivery, 3.06 Reliability Engineering, 06 Risk and Review, 6.03 Sustainable Development
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05 Maintenance & Reliability Engineering, 5.1 Stats Analysis / Analytical Methods, 5.3 Failure Analysis, 10 Continuous Improvement, 10.5 Asset Reliability Improvements
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Manager Mechanical Systems
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Greater Toronto Airport Authority
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Clarence has worked in the construction and maintenance industry for the past 25 years. He started his career as a Marine Technologist working as a commercial diver working in the offshore construction and oil and gas industry. He transitioned to land construction and the pulp and paper and printing industry where he worked as a mechanical technician. For the past 10 years has been working in facilities maintenance at the Toronto Pearson Airport. Clarence has worked in several roles and currently as the manager of mechanical systems he is responsible for the maintenance and repairs of the Life Safety system, Plumbing System and Rapid Roll up doors at Terminals 1 and 3. Clarence completed his PEMAC MMP certification in the fall of 2004 and he feels that this certification has better enabled him to make critical decisions on asset reliability and maintenance and has benefitted his career immensely. He is also certified by OACETT and holds a BOMI - Facilities Management Administrator designation.