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Reliability: Solving the Mystery and Breaking Paradigms

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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Reliability is a powerful concept that applied properly makes the difference between success and failure of installations, processes and systems; nevertheless, reliability does not need to be difficult, complex and overwhelming. Quite the opposite: reliability applications  are more likely to succeed if they are easily understood by the different levels of the organization from trades to CEO. This is achieved by explaining reliability concepts easily understood by everyone within the organization.
The general objective of the workshop is to provide theory and practical guidelines to the audience for identifying and addressing reliability issues that are impacting the productivity and profitability the assets they are responsible for.
The workshop will provide basic knowledge and understanding regarding the tools and methodologies available within the reliability discipline, for the design, analysis and implementation of equipment strategies to systematically improve the performance of assets.
At the end of the training the assistants will be able to:
- Understand the current Reliability Engineering terminology
- Understand and apply reliability concepts at all levels of the organization
- Understand and overcome the typical reliability paradigms
- Collect the adequate data and calculate basic maintenance and reliability Metrics
- Understand the different reliability methodologies and the right application framework for each one
- Combine different reliability methodologies to create an effective reliability program
- Understand the role that Reliability Engineering plays within the Asset Management Framework
The workshop is specifically designed for current or future reliability engineers, maintenance supervisors and planners with maintenance, engineering and/or operations background that desire to be involved in improving reliability, availability and maintainability of assets through the application of modern reliability methodologies and tools.

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MainTrain 2016
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Presentation Slides
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Asset Management Framework Subject: 
02 Asset Management Decision Making, 2.02 Operations & Maintenance Decision-Making, 03 Lifecycle Delivery, 3.06 Reliability Engineering
Maintenance Management Framework Subject: 
02 Maintenance Program Mgmt, 2.6 Asset Criticality Analysis, 04 Tools and Tactics, 4.0 Tools and Tactics General, 05 Maintenance & Reliability Engineering, 5.2 Reliability Modelling, 5.3 Failure Analysis, 5.5 Reliability Sustainment, 5.6 Relability Performance Measurement, 10 Continuous Improvement, 10.1 Metrics / KPIs
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Vice President of Asset Management
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SMEC's International Division
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Emilio Sarno has more than 25 years of practical experience in the Asset Management discipline focused on the oil & gas, mining, chemical and utilities sectors, coordinating and developing the definition, integration and implementation of best practices related to maintenance, reliability and supply chain. Emilio is a certified Reliability Engineer by the American Society for Quality and holds two Master Degrees from the University of Washington in Mechanical and Industrial Engineering. Join his for his half day workshop.