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RBD Development for Economically Challenging Times

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Tuesday, September 29, 2015
Reliability Block Diagrams (RBD) help organizations achieve new project goals which makes them an especially important tool under the restriction of budget and production cuts that are currently typical due to economic constraints such as low oil prices. At design stages and under new budget cuts, management should consider a few things besides meeting the projects budget like: New plant capacity expected; Plant overall reliability and availability; Operating risks; and Projected maintenance costs. Participants will see that by building an RBD the project team will have a document that will help in the decision making while supporting both in production and economic terms a decision. 
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MainTrain 2015
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Supporting Slides
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Reliability Engineer
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ARMS Reliability
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As a mechanical engineer who graduated in Colombia in 2010, Nicolas worked initially for Wood Group as a reliability engineer and RAMS specialists in projects in South America, before being engaged for a 1 year RAMS study on offshore platforms in Trinidad and Tobago for BP. Nicolas now works with ARMS Reliability as a Reliability Engineer in North America, working on projects for companies like BP, Rio Tinto and Cenovus involving RCM, RBD, Criticality analyses, FMEA and strategy optimization. He is currently based in Calgary.