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Platinum Sponsor Details


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  1. 10-minute presentation during one of the two morning plenary sessions. Use of platform, which includes audio, video, and PPT. First come first serve for date. Presentation can be pre-recorded or live.
  2. Sponsor logo on
    1. Sidebar of MainTrain conference website for 12 months from date of purchase
    2. MainTrain emails distributed by PEMAC and all of our partners. Beginning within one week of purchase and ends one week after MainTrain 2021 conference ends
    3. MainTrain advertising published around the world. Beginning within one week of purchase and ends one week after MainTrain 2021 conference ends
  3. PEMAC Weekly eNewsletter Sponsor
    1. A $350 value
    2. PEMAC This Week is PEMAC's Weekly Member and Subscribe eNewsletter sent out to over 1300 people on the Friday of each week, containing PEMAC member specific news, opportunities, and events.
    3. Box Ads 300 x 300
    4. More details here
  4. Session Sponsor
    1. Up to a 1-minute pre-roll video during 2 of your choice sessions. First come first serve to choose which sessions you would like
    2. Can be a produced video or pre-recorded presentation
    3. Two videos do not need to be the same
    4. Logo beside sponsored session
    5. Attendees will see your pre-roll video when they view the session before the event, when the live event is starting and anytime they view the presentation after the event
  5. Attendee list 30 days before MainTrain and Complete List Post Event (List includes attendee name, company and title).
  6. 2x Social Media Promotion
    1. Same message to be posted on PEMAC’s Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook
    2. Provide 280 characters and picture to be scheduled with consultation on timing with PEMAC’s Marketing Coordinator
    3. Two ads do not need to be the same
  7. Customized message within platform during event with push notifications (Two Premium Timings). Includes a picture, message and URL
  8. One 15 minute presentation during programming
    1. Sponsor track take place during breaks
    2. Session will be posted on MainTrain program where attendees can add the session to their schedule as they would any other session
    3. Conducted in meeting format so sponsor can engage with attendees
    4. Sponsor will have capacity to share their screen and present what and how they wish. No limit on attendees or content
    5. Session will be recorded and uploaded post presentation for any attendee to view at their leisure
    6. First come first serve on timing of presentation. PEMAC reserves the right to limit sponsor presentation track to either day or make changes as schedule requires
    7. Platinum sponsors will not overlap with other sponsors
  9. Complimentary Four (4) full conference registrations
  10. Additional passes can be purchased at a 20% discount
  11. Sponsor logo, website link and 200-word profile on MainTrain Sponsors page
  12. Gamification Through the PheedLoop platform, attendees have the ability to collect points. Attendees enter codes to claim points and track their progress on a leader board and then redeem points for exciting prizes. Attendees will need to visit your booth to receive the code (5 unique codes provided to you by Events Coordinator). You may wish to put them in your company description, direct them to speak with you, add to a downloadable document or add to your social media post
    1. Submit a prize with a value of at least $50 to receive an additional code
  13. Virtual Exhibit Space & Lead Retrieval Preference given to first to register within sponsorship tier. Book an appointment with Ghaz Marinho, Events Coordinator, to view a demo and ask questions.
    1. Exhibitor Analytics is supplied a week after the conference with everyone who visited your virtual exhibitor space. (List includes attendee name, company and title).
    2. Includes clickable logo on sponsor listing, website link, downloadable documents, live 1 on 1 video or text chat with interested attendees, up loadable videos
    3. Access to customize Virtual Exhibit Hall on August 15th and two months post conference
    4. During live event, attendees can instantly join a live video meeting with up to 25 fellow attendees and exhibit staff members
    5. In the event's networking section, booth managers will be able to track visitors in real-time via the Booth sub-tab and start private chats

**Amendments to benefits can be negotiated. Contact with suggestions