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An Open Letter to Our Future Senior Leaders

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Friday, March 23, 2018
Dear Future Leader: You are quite bright and very ambitious. You have as much of your career ahead of you than behind you. You have goals to eventually advance into an executive position. You aren’t in Finance or Human Resources, which is unfortunate because the skills and practices required in those disciplines are tried and true. No, your road in operations and asset management is less traveled; where the skills and practices are less certain and the landscape is changing at breakneck speed. I present to you some advice to aid you in your journey. I offer this because as seasoned asset management practitioner I’ve developed certain expectations of my senior leaders to drive the most value out of our assets. I’ve seen things good and bad. I’ve learned where value is most often leaked across the asset life cycle and the practices to stop the value leakage. Here are the competencies you will need to develop to assure you add value to your company and be successful in your current and future leadership roles.Sincerely, Paul Daoust, Asset Management Professional
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Practitioner Produced
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05 Organization & People, 5.02 Asset Management Leadership
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07 Human Resource Management, 7.2 Skills & Qualification Mgmt, 7.3 Roles & Responsibilities
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Scio Asset Management
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Paul is a passionate and energetic asset management professional driving value in asset management, process safety management, risk management, maintenance management and reliability engineering for capital intensive industries. Paul has strong and varied technical and management leadership with over 24 years experience supporting a diverse portfolio of power generation assets. He is a professional engineer with APEGA; sits on the Board of Directors for Plant Engineering and Maintenance Association of Canada; is a Certified Reliability Leader; Certified Maintenance and Reliability Professional as well as a Certified Asset Management Assessor.