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Winter 2023 Issue of PEMAC Now

We are excited to unveil the Winter 2023 edition of PEMAC Now, the association's member magazine.  This issue is dedicated to celebrating our outstanding members in action!

In this issue, you'll find:

Award-Winning Capstone Projects: Discover the brilliance of our MMP and AMP program graduates as we showcase their award-winning capstone projects.

Members in Action: Catch up with our Chapters, learn about advances in PEMAC's Volunteer program, and relive the MainTrain 2023 Conference in Winnipeg. 

Adopting a Pragmatic Decision Intelligence Framework: Dive into an insightful article that explores the adoption of a pragmatic decision intelligence framework, offering practical insights for optimizing your asset management strategies through better decision-making. 

Newly Certified Professionals: Celebrate the achievements of our newly certified professionals, who have demonstrated their commitment to excellence in maintenance and asset management through rigorous certification processes.

And more!

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