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KPI Why: A Case Study in Leveraging Maintenance Metrics to Drive Improvements

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Wednesday, March 13, 2019
This case study will show how we used an analysis of standard work management metrics and a systematic approach to identify opportunities to improve our plant. We'll provide specific examples of how we developed and implemented the approach and the results we achieved. We'll also describe the fundamental understanding and steps that could be taken to implement a similar approach at any plant, or for any particular metric. Topics will include cultural recognition of KPIs as an improvement tool, not a personnel measurement stick; understanding all the various causes and influences on any particular metric; analysis and categorization of deviations; identifying losses as acute one-offs vs. chronic systemic issues; behavioural vs. procedural issues; understanding change/improvement requirements, what can be directly controlled and what can be only influenced; determining corrective actions; and tracking the resulting improvements. Specific examples will be derived from our site's application of this methodology to schedule compliance, PM/PdM compliance, and emergency work metrics.  
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MainTrain 2019
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03 Lifecycle Delivery, 3.05 Maintenance Delivery
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02 Maintenance Program Mgmt, 2.7 Program Measurement / KPIs, 2.8 Change Management, 03 Asset Strategy Management, 3.2 Performance Measurement & Optimization, 06 Work Management, 6.2 Work Planning, 6.3 Work Scheduling & Coordination, 6.5 Work Execution & Closeout, 08 Material Resource Mgmt, 8.1 Materials Management, 8.5 Tools & Equipment Management, 10 Continuous Improvement, 10.3 Maintenance Management Improvements
Author Title: 
Senior Planner, Maintenance
Author Employer: 
Cameco Corporation - Cigar Lake
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As a Senior Planner, Maintenance, with Cameco Corp., Kris Halland knows that the maximum achievable results come from trying to get 1% better each and every day. Improve every job plan each time it's performed, improve every equipment record each time you look at it, and refine your practices every chance you get. Excellence is the act of chasing perfection, even though it's unattainable.

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Manager Maintenance Work Management Processes
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Author 2 Bio: 
John Wettlaufer—A.Sc.T., CMRP—has 30-plus years of industrial maintenance experience. He began on the shop floor as an electrical technician and moved through various roles, from reliability team leader to his current role as work management lead, supervising maintenance planners. He has worked in the mining & metals industry and is skilled in process control, power plants, RCM, Pumps, and electrical. He is certified with the Saskatchewan Applied Science Technologists and Technicians, with training that focused on electrical and electronics engineering.