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Justifications for Maintenance Reliability and Readiness

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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

While leadership often requests a business case for implementing a comprehensive Maintenance & Reliability Readiness (M&RR) Plan for a specific capital project, it can be difficult for M&R practitioners to build one. And many plans do not consider the value destruction that occurs in the majority of new capital projects accounting for approximately 9% per $1B invested. This session discusses the causes for this loss:  buying excessive new capital spares; reduced and/or intermittent production during the ‘ramp-up’ phase, and much higher annual maintenance expenses. By understanding the loss in value that can be avoided through the adoption of a comprehensive M&RR Plan, maintenance and reliability practitioners will be able to effectively communication a business case for an M&RR investment.

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MainTrain 2014
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Presentation Slides
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02 Asset Management Decision Making, 2.02 Operations & Maintenance Decision-Making
Maintenance Management Framework Subject: 
01 Business & Organization Context, 1.4 Strategic Maintenance Plan, 05 Maintenance & Reliability Engineering, 5.2 Reliability Modelling, 5.5 Reliability Sustainment
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Market Development Manager
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Emerson Process Management (EPM)
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Murray leads Management Resources Group Inc.’s, a division of EPM, reliability consulting business in Western Canada. He holds an MBA from Wilfrid Laurier and for the last 16 years has worked in Calgary serving oil & gas, mining and power generation clients in the fields of reliability and maintenance, process safety and functional safety. Murray has also worked for 13 years with North America’s largest privately held company, Cargill Ltd., in finance, capital planning and business development positions.