It's Membership Renewal Season with changes pending

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Introducing MMP and CAMP Recertification with Continuing Professional Development requirements

In January 2019 PEMAC will be rolling out changes to the MMP and CAMP Certifications. These changes will include raising the standard of requirements for recertification such as demonstration of continuing professional development and contributions to society. 

Starting September 1st, 2018, PEMAC members who hold the MMP or CAMP certifications will pay Recertification Fees, rather than membership fees, to maintain the right to use the MMP and CAMP professional designations. Membership in PEMAC will come as a benefit for maintaining certification. The next step in carrying out this change will be to strike a committee to determine and communicate, by January, what the continuing professional development requirements for recertification will be. 

Individual Fees

MMP and CAMP Recertification (includes PEMAC Membership)
 Until August 31, 2018After Sept 1, 2018
1 yearn/a$155
3 yearn/a$420
PEMAC Membership
 Until August 31, 2018After Sept 1, 2018
1 year$110$165
3 yearn/a$445

Corporate and Allied Membership Fees

 Until August 31, 2018After Sept 1, 2018
1 year$400 + individual renewals on sliding scale$440 + any individual renewals @ 25% off