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Tuesday, February 27, 2018
Asset condition management (ACM) teaches on-condition monitoring for any business with high-capital assets looking to harness machine learning to avoid unexpected failures and control rising equipment maintenance costs. Many businesses are already using continuous condition monitoring technologies like IoT-connected devices. However, beyond simple threshold alerts from condition sensors, extracting real value from the data generated by these sensors for true predictive monitoring requires expert analysis and interpretation. To generate actionable results from condition sensor data, these experts also apply knowledge about the asset’s operation. This limits the value that IoT-enabled ACM can provide to the business. By taking the next step and using advanced algorithms and machine learning to automatically extract real-time insights that drive action, we can now achieve the full potential of ACM. Modern, cognitive online ACM takes data from multiple and varied sources, combines it, and uses AI and machine learning techniques to anticipate equipment failure before it happens. Many reliability professionals recognize the potential of IoT, machine learning, and AI, and are trying to learn these technologies. However, the available training is complex and assumes learners have a background in data science and computer programming. This workshop will provide a beginners’ level understanding of terminology, basic concepts, and techniques to determine how and where you can apply AI in your facilities for meaningful ACM.
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MainTrain 2018
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Presentation Paper
Asset Management Framework Subject: 
03 Lifecycle Delivery, 3.06 Reliability Engineering, 06 Risk and Review, 6.05 Assets Performance & Health Monitoring
Maintenance Management Framework Subject: 
03 Asset Strategy Management, 3.2 Performance Measurement & Optimization, 4.0 Tools and Tactics General, 4.1 Reliability Centered Maint., 4.6 Condition Monitoring, 4.7 Operator Performed Maint., 05 Maintenance & Reliability Engineering, 5.1 Stats Analysis / Analytical Methods, 5.3 Failure Analysis
Author Title: 
Leader of Digital Transformation
Author Employer: 
Lakeside Process Controls Ltd.
Author Bio: 

<p>Blair Fraser is a passionate reliability and operational excellence professional and evangelist with more than 20 years&rsquo; experience in designing, commissioning, maintaining, and improving manufacturing equipment and processes for the manufacturing industry. A CRL and CMRP, Blair has dedicated his career to combining sound reliability principles and processes with the latest technology to improve asset performance and uptime for several process manufacturing facilities. Prior to joining Lakeside Process Controls to lead the development and implementation for clients&rsquo; Industry 4.0 strategies, Blair worked in and managed the M&amp;R programs at various manufacturing plants. He has dedicated the past years to learning, experimenting with and deploying machine learning and AI-based PoCs, pilots, and production-grade cognitive asset performance improvement projects.</p>

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CEO and Co-Founder
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Author 2 Bio: 
Rajiv Anand is the co-founder and CEO of, a company focused on providing machine learning and AI solutions for industrial applications, the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), and Smart Industry. He is an instrumentation and control engineer with 30 years of experience, implementing process control and asset health solutions using Emerson platforms for the power, mining, pharmaceutical, and chemical industries. Rajiv held key engineering, management, and leadership positions with Emerson local business partner Lakeside Process Controls in Mississauga, Ont. Before starting, he spent a year researching IIoT and machine learning, as well as advising technology companies and customers on digital manufacturing strategies. Rajiv is a technology evangelist, thought leader, educator, writer, and speaker. He holds a B.Sc. in control engineering from Thapar University and is based in Waterloo, Ont.