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First ever PEMAC “Maintenance Team of the Year“ Award Announced

PEMAC Awards

The PEMAC Board of Directors is pleased to announce that a team from the Cameco Port Hope Conversion Facility is first ever winner of the “Maintenance Team of the Year” award for a large facility. From 2011 to present this team has undertaken a continuous improvement initiative and is being acknowledged by this award for their exemplary efforts in Maintenance Management.

The PEMAC Awards committee was impressed by the nomination which detailed the team’s efforts and results to date. The awards committee sent representatives, Jim Reyes-Picknell and Andrew Jardine, to visit the facility to verify the progress described in the nomination. Their expectations were exceeded. This team's example stands as a source of inspiration to other organizations to achieve similar results and benefits by undertaking similar journeys.

The PEMAC Maintenance Team of The Year page includes a link to the full story of the Cameco Port Hope Conversion facilities improvement efforts to date.

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Cameco Port Hope Conversion Facility named
PEMAC Maintenance Team of the Year

Management & program steering team

Dale Clark 
Dave Ingalls
Darryl Godfrey
Greg Wright 
Lori Gray
Steve Douglas
Christa Ingalls
Ron Moreau
Jean-Pierre Pascoli  

Materials Management team

Shannon Lewis
Rob Young
Robyn Boyd
Barry Sanders
Sherry Whyte

Work Management team

Chris Herron
Kevin Wharmby
Brian Spry
Dan Darrington
Steve Herriot

Reliability Engineering team 

Bill Martin
Dean Lycett
Wanda Parson




Operations Improvement team

David Landry
Dave Welch
Erwin Vysma
Brian Dinner
Dan Boudreau
Mathieu Gouin
Glen Cockerill
Patrick Hickey
Vanni Iemma
Brad McAlister
Mark Bates
Ron Herriot
Stacy Main