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Asset Management is a Team Sport – The Local Governments Experience

Presenter: Austin Tokarek
Asset Coordinator, Cowichan Valley Regional District
Tauseef Waraich, MSc., CAMP & Keir Gervais, CAMP
Manager, Green Fleet and Equipment & Manager, Emergency Management Division
Asset management is a team sport, but how do you make sure everyone is on the team and knows the rules and what position they have to play? The Cowichan Valley Regional District received Board approval of its Strategic Asset Management Plan (SAMP) in January 2020, which established the vision for sustainable service delivery. The SAMP identifies areas for improvement, generally with the common theme that staff did not always know where they fit in. Enter the ‘Staff Capability Improvement Plan’. This plan identified training opportunities with the intention of building staff knowledge and understanding of asset management best practices. An additional outcome of implementing this plan was the vertical integration within departments, and the horizontal integration between departments as managers and staff across all departments completed training together. These training opportunities also enabled regional integration between the CVRD and other local governments. It was through FCM’s funding of PEMAC’s Certified Asset Management Professional program, that brought Austin, Tauseef and Keir together to become management champions, within their respective departments, organization and the region. This talk will showcase their challenges and successes along their journey to break down the operational silos within the CVRD.
About the Presenter:

Austin’s asset management journey started as the CVRD’s Energy Manager in 2015. In 2016 he was assigned Asset Coordinator, a brand new position for the organization. Since that time the CVRD has refreshed asset inventories, developed a condition assessment framework, defined levels of service, and developed a climate risk assessment tool across all asset systems. This work formed the baseline information for the CVRD’s asset management program and the preparation of the Corporate Strategic Asset Management Plan. His academic background includes an MBA in Renewables, from the Beuth University of Applied Science in Berlin, Germany and B.Sc. in Environmental Science, from Royal Roads University in Victoria, BC.

About the Co-presenter: Tauseef Waraich is currently serving the Cowichan Valley Regional District as a Division Manager of Recycling and Waste Management. He is responsible for the fleet and infrastructure assets management for his division, including the regional transfer station and two state of the art recycling centres. His interest combined with training for asset management planning lead to preparation and execution of Sustainable Service Delivery Plan for his division’s infrastructure that aligns with the corporate asset management strategy. He has over 20 years of combined experience in the environmental and sustainability industry with an interest in Recycling and Waste Management and asset management. He has a Master of Science degree in Environment and Management and is a Certified Asset Management Professional. Keir Gervais is the CVRD’s Manager of the Emergency Management Division, which provides emergency management, fire protection and emergency telecommunications services to both citizens and First Responders. To support these services the CVRD maintains an array of specialized fire stations, repeater towers, vehicles and equipment, valued at over $10 Million. Keir looks forward to transferring his learning to the development of sustainable service delivery plans to better manage assets in his division. Keir has worked in local government for 20+ years in a variety of operations and senior management capacities. His experience is supplemented with an array of post secondary education.