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Strategic Asset Management - An Illustrative Nuclear Case Study

Presenter: Ronald Gavrin
Owner, Instructor, Retired, Self Employed
This paper describes strategic Asset Management at an Industry level. The illustrative case study reviews the Ontario Nuclear fleet of stations', life cycle planning and then applying simple risk analysis. The situation is illustrative, not to be taken as accurate in any aspect (eg costs, schedule etc). The purpose of this paper is to illustrate a practical example of how Asset Management can be applied at a strategic level, to support strategic planning over a multi-billion dollar, multi-decade program. The situation described is very loosely based on the OPG nuclear refurbishment program, but cannot be directly connected to it since all the information is proprietary and the numbers used are hugely different. The paper outline is expected to follow: • Background • Fleet Asset planning • Project Estimate process • Risk estimate process and review . • Conclusions The above is at a "bird's eye" view, but with enough details to understand the case study and how it pertains to a broader scope of applications. Learning: 1. Asset Management is a strong strategic tool when applied at Facility level. 2. Estimates, though rough at an early stage, can provide managerial information that is adequate for decision making. 3. Risk Management can be simple, but provides huge returns for management decision making.
About the Presenter:

Ron Gavrin is retired from a 30-plus-year career as an engineer and MBA in various industries—electrical, utility, paper, mining, and petroleum. Most of his career was spent in the nuclear sector with Ontario Hydro (OPG), where he worked as the business superintendent and project controls manager for major nuclear projects in Darlington, Ont., and he has implemented programs in business risk management and nuclear system long-term planning (i.e., strategic asset management). He now teaches project management, risk management, asset management, engineering management, energy management, and cost engineering at various institutions in Toronto.