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The Magic CPR Triangle

Presenter: Paul Daoust
Founder, Managing Director, Scio Asset Management Inc.
To deliver value from our assets means organizations must manage cost, performance, and risk simultaneously. In practice, this is no easy task. Are there trade-offs? Sure, but seeking to balance breeds mediocrity. Can we optimize? Yes, the aim is to achieve higher service at a lower cost and acceptable risk. The magic CPR triangle provides a simple representation of a complex dynamic system that is constantly resolving itself to produce the results the organization deserves based on how well its assets are managed, or not. Join Paul Daoust as we challenge our perceptions of the fascinating relationship between cost, performance, and risk. Together we will apply the magic CPR triangle as a basis for crucial first principles thinking leading to more, better decisions, vastly improved business plans, and higher-value business outcomes from the same assets with fewer resources.
About the Presenter:

Paul Daoust has almost 30 years of experience in asset management and operational excellence in the energy sector.

As the founder of Scio Asset Management, Paul is declaring war on mediocrity and empowering progressive operational leaders to make better decisions to stop value leakage in their organizations through learning, coaching, advising services, and technology solutions.

As a director of PEMAC.org, Paul is a leading international advocate for asset management practices for industrial and infrastructure asset-owning organizations.