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Managing Asset Management Return-on-Investment (ROI) Risk

Presenter: Paul Casto
APM Industry Principal, GE Digital
When we talk to the leadership about improvement projects the first response we often hear is “show me the money”. The business case is the tool used to communicate the approach, benefits, value created and justify project expenditure. The value is measured by Return on Investment (ROI). ROI is calculated by a cash flow model highlighting benefits and cash flows (positive and negative), and quantified as NPV, IRR, Breakeven, etc. However, based on past project returns, management often views these ROI projections as “risky business”. This is not an underserved reputation as, over the years, many maintenance, and asset management projects have failed to deliver the returns that were promised. This session will address how to build the business case, some of the common risks that impact ROI, and tools and techniques to identify and mitigate potential risks will be reviewed. Special emphasis will be given to enlisting senior management assistance in management ROI risk.
About the Presenter:

Paul Casto is the Intelligent Assets Practice Leader at Gray Matter Systems with a focus on Intelligent Assets and Asset Performance Management (APM). He is a leading practitioner in reliability and maintenance (R&M) improvement methodologies and has hands-on experience in reliability, maintenance, operations and engineering in the chemical, steel, aluminum, automotive, oil and gas, aerospace, consumer goods and construction industries. His current areas of focus include: value creation through Asset Performance Management (APM), the development of asset health models, the application of advanced reliability and maintenance tools/strategies, data analytics, prognostics, machine learning, business case development and risk analysis, and R&M leadership.