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Wireless Machine Condition Monitoring in Asset Management

Presenter: Mike Bonga
VP Product Development, Smart Skin Technologies
Condition Monitoring using Wireless devices is a natural evolution from contemporary methods. Route based vibration data collection won't be a thing of the past but it will be reduced. Near-continuous data collection will be achieved with an overall infrastructure cost that will be lower than contemporary route based programs. There are several challenges that wireless sensors will pose in the asset management program but these can easily be overcome. The new breed of battery-operated condition monitoring sensors can deliver good quality vibration and other condition data at short intervals, without wires, cost competitively. The result however is an overwhelming volume of data compared with legacy systems. The data can be parsed by alarms and notify users when changes occur, or a more advanced method of machine learning can be implemented. Regardless of the complexity of the system, the asset owner must be prepared to be inundated with notifications, many of which will be false positives. There are simple, time-proven methods for cutting through the volumes of data so that maintenance personnel can quickly identify assets that require maintenance actions. These methods must be considered in the design and application of condition monitoring and notification software as we evolve to the data rich world of wireless sensors and IoT. In addition to the data challenges, the role of the condition monitoring person in the field will change. The management of wireless sensors is a new reality where in some facilities the number of sensors may be in the thousands. The sensor should provide good quality data, but also provide for easy exchanges and minimal battery management so as to not have a negative impact on the asset management program as a whole. This presentation is a first-hand experience of inventing, testing and deploying wireless sensors in plants and also the anecdotes heard throughout the journey.
About the Presenter:

Michael Bonga is a mechanical engineer based in Saint John New Brunswick, Canada. His focus is improving the reliability, efficiency and productivity of rotating (and static) equipment in Industry.
Michael’s involvement in machine performance and reliability has evolved in-synch with machinery condition monitoring and management technologies. As new technologies appeared in the early 1990s, Michael established vibration monitoring programs in plants and used the best tools available to model vibration characteristics and improve operating conditions.
When condition monitoring evolved to include multiple measurement technologies, machine basic care, operator inspections and integration with maintenance and operations management, Michael adopted these technologies and led best practices into clients’ reliability, maintenance and operations programs.
Machinery measurement capabilities are continuing to evolve as IoT, power and process flow become inputs to the condition assessment equation. Michael is busy embracing new technologies and leading the development and implementation of new measurement and analytic tools that provide active condition assessment across a broad machine population.
Mike was an early member of the Canadian Machinery Vibration Association and was its President in 2006, 2007, presenting papers at numerous conferences.