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Overview of how EIA implemented new processes and work schedules for the maintenance group team

Presenter: Peter Agnew
Manufacturing Equipment Manager, Edmonton International Airport
Presentation will speak to prior to the pandemic and how we, as an organization and a team, were very focused on growth plans. This was to ensure the organization and maintenance group was positioned to handle increased capacity and passengers through various technology platforms, asset life cycle replacements and facility optimization initiatives. The pandemic somewhat turned our strategy upside-down. Overnight, the complete focus turned to short-term planning to manage the impacts of the pandemic: • Presentation will provide an overview of how EIA implemented new processes and work schedules for the maintenance group team with the goals of providing a safe work environment for onsite staff, while ensuring continuous maintaining/operating of the various critical systems that we require for the airport to function. • Presentation will provide an overview of how EIA optimized various preventative maintenance programs to maintain all critical systems and assets. Will also look at the impact of the pandemic on key maintenance KPIs. • Realigning our Asset Management capital renewal plan with the new normal, with a greatly reduced portfolio funding. How the Asset Management team implementing a prioritization matrix tool to help define the “must do asset replacements” vs. nice to do asset replacements”. • Presentation will provide an overview on the impact to our Energy consumption within the terminal. • The importance of critical thinking and decisive decision making for the Maintenance and Asset Management group during the Pandemic. • How the Pandemic has now changed our long-term planning, for the good, when it comes to asset management strategies.
About the Presenter:

Mr. Peter Agnew is Director, Facilities Maintenance and Asset Management where he oversees the operation and maintenance of terminal systems, building infrastructure, utility systems and Asset Life Cycle strategies, and leads a dynamic team of approximately 40 technical professionals. Prior to joining Edmonton International Airports, he worked predominantly in Pharmaceuticals and Medical Device Manufacturing industries in Europe and North America where he worked in various technical leadership roles in maintenance/facilities management, developing maintenance management programs and technical oversight in the implementation and construction of manufacturing processes and facilities.
Mr. Agnew completed the trade of Mechanical Automation and Maintenance with Merit with the Irish Apprenticeship board, as well as several Leadership, Project Management and Six Sigma certifications. He is enrolled in a Master of Business Administration program which will begin in July 2021. He has been a proud member of PEMAC since 2013.