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City Of Saint John Climate Change Action Plan

Presenter: Samir Yammine
Director of Asset Management and environmental Performance, City of Saint John
The City of Saint John has been an early adopter and a leader of climate change adaptation, mitigation practices as well as asset management stratgey. Over the past years, the City developed and implemented innovative strategies, plans, policies, programs and measures to improve the efficiency and resiliency of its own facilities and infrastructure, as well as the community in general. The presenation will discuss the current progress, results and future plans of the City climate change action plan, which consists of the following three Strategies: A. Climate Change Mitigation Strategy: a. Corporate Energy and GHG Action Plan b. Community Energy and GHG Action Plan B. Climate Change Adaptation Strategy C. Asset Management Strategy. Also, the presenation will discuss on how these stratgegies are integrated to meet the following objectives : • Ensure the City infrastructure and community are resilient to climate change impacts. • Provide optimal level of service to the public at the lowest life cycle cost through the management of current and future assets in effective, efficient, and sustainable manner. • Transition toward decarbonization pathway in an economic, environmentally, and socially sustainable manner. • Achieve the Council objectives and goals of the Climate Change Action Plan. • Secure external funding.
About the Presenter:

Samir Yammine, P. Eng, is the Director of Asset Management and Environmental Performance for the City of Saint John, NB. He received his bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering and completed the two years Master of Electrical engineering coursework from Dalhousie University. His responsibilities include providing strategic leadership and direction to the Senior Leadership Team and Common Council in developing and implementing the Corporate Asset Management Program as well as the city community/corporate and Climate Change Plans. The objective of these programs/programs is to ensure the efficiency, effective and resiliency of the City’s infrastructure (estimated to be nearly $3.2 Billion as of 2019) as well as setting priorities, strategies, policies, environmental initiatives and approaches for capital investment and life cycle management. Samir has developed, implemented, and managed over 100 sustainable energy and climate change projects on new and existing city infrastructure, including the development and implementation of the City Climate Change Action Plan. These projects initiated by Samir have won the City of Saint John many national and regional awards such as the Premiers’ Award for Energy Efficiency and FCM-CH2M HILL Sustainable Community Awards in the Energy Category presented by the Federation of Canadian Municipalities. Notwithstanding, Mr. Yammine has helped secure over $48 Million in funding toward various sustainable environmental initiatives, and has been a guest speaker at many conferences, workshops, and webinars across Canada.