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From Data to Dialogue: Using Asset Management to Communicate Infrastructure Challenges

Presenter: Ian Tenhaaf
AIM Network Service Provider, R.A.M.P. Atlantic Ltd.
In this presentation, we will explore the pivotal role of asset management in small communities, using case studies from the Town of Annapolis Royal, NS, and the Town of Rose Blanche, NL. These case studies demonstrate how asset management can be leveraged as a powerful storytelling mechanism to communicate often overlooked infrastructure challenges to local communities, emphasizing their significance in the context of climate adaptation and the often dull topic of utility reconstructions. Small communities frequently face unique challenges in managing their infrastructure assets, from limited resources to heightened vulnerability to climate change impacts. A key theme of the presentation will be the use of asset management to make infrastructure issues relatable and compelling. By framing these challenges through the lens of storytelling, we will look at how technical data and practical solutions can resonate more deeply with community members, stakeholders, and decision-makers. This approach helps to demystify the often complex and dry subject of infrastructure management, making it more accessible and relevant to those it impacts the most. Practitioners understand the crisis of our underfunded existing infrastructure, compounded by climate change and the dominant demand for development and new services. Moreover, we will discuss the practitioner's responsibility, highlighting the crucial role that engineers and asset managers play in safeguarding community well-being and adapting to climate change. Communicating these issues clearly is crucial as we navigate this uncertain future. By bridging the gap between technical expertise and human experience, the presentation aims to reinforce the importance of asset management in building resilient and sustainable communities.
About the Presenter:

Ian Tenhaaf is a professional civil engineer based in Dartmouth Nova Scotia with 8 years of experience in asset management and stormwater management. In 2022, Ian became an independent consultant and joined the roster of AIM Network Service providers. He focuses on building capacity for asset management within small communities in Atlantic Canada and utilizing its systems and processes to develop practical approaches to climate adaptation. Ian's commitment to fostering resilient and sustainable community is reflected in his work and daily life.