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Two Things to Improve Reliability

Presenter: Kenneth Squires
Reliability Team Leader, Irving Paper Limited
This will be a brief presentation on two very important things to control in your plant to improve reliability. This presentation will go over those two things and how they manifest themselves in the reliability of your rotating equipment assets. Case histories and a reality check on what is doable in the field (vs the sales pitch sometimes given) will illustrate how they tie back together to equipment reliability. The design engineering of your equipment happens away from your plant and sometimes it happened a long time ago. Assumptions must be made to actual field conditions in order to complete the design process. This leaves room for the user to adjust to the actual field conditions. It is more than just two things but if you keep these two things in mind all the time as you make the necessary improvements to your maintenance and operational processes your reliability will improve. These are observations based on experience and knowledge gained through many years involved in maintenance and reliability in the pulp and paper industry as a technician and as a supervisor. I have unfortunately witnessed many failures, but I have also tried very hard to understand them in order to avoid future problems. As a Cat 3 vibration analyst and Level 2 lubrication technician I know firsthand what happens and the (failure) path we take when these two things are not managed well. Technology can help us manage these two things but sometimes it just requires knowledge and boots in the field to monitor and control – load and lubrication.
About the Presenter:

Ken Squires has over 35 years’ experience working in the maintenance field as an Industrial Mechanic, Machinist, Welder, and Power Engineer. He is also an ISO Category III vibration analyst with over 20 years vibration experience in the paper making industry. He is a certified six-sigma green belt holder and is certified as a Level II Lubrication technician. Current employment held is the position of Reliability Team Leader at Irving Paper whose responsibility includes managing, supervising, and mentoring Vibration Analysts, Lubrication Technicians and Hydraulic technicians in the mill.