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Enhancing Operational Synergy: A Case Study on Integrated Analytic Reports for Maintenance and Procurement in Industrial Operations

Presenter: Mark Smyth
Maintenance Software Specialist , COGEP Inc.
In the dynamic landscape of industrial operations, the synergy between maintenance, procurement, and inventory management plays a pivotal role in ensuring optimal equipment availability. This case study delves into the transformative journey of an operation that adopted automated analytic reports seamlessly connected to their CMMS system. These reports not only revolutionized the maintenance department's approach but also fostered collaboration with the procurement and inventory group, resulting in significant improvements in equipment availability and operational efficiency. Key Highlights: 1. Integrated Analytic Reports: Exploring the adoption of automated analytic reports directly connected to the CMMS system, offering real-time insights into maintenance, procurement, and inventory data. Highlighting the interconnected nature of these reports, providing a holistic view of equipment status, maintenance activities, and parts availability. 2. Collaborative Approach: Showcasing the collaborative efforts between the maintenance and procurement teams facilitated by the integrated reports. Illustrating how shared insights fostered a unified strategy, enabling both teams to work together to reduce downtime and improve overall equipment availability. 3. Reducing Waiting Time for Parts: Discussing the specific strategies employed to reduce the time waiting for parts through data-driven decision-making. Presenting tangible outcomes and improvements in operational efficiency achieved by minimizing delays in the procurement and inventory processes. 4. Transition to Planned Maintenance: Highlighting the impact of integrated analytic reports on the maintenance team's shift toward a more planned approach. Exploring how planned maintenance strategies were embraced and appreciated by the operations group, leading to smoother workflows and increased operational reliability. 5. Time Savings and Continuous Improvement: Demonstrating how the adoption of integrated analytic reports resulted in significant time savings for both maintenance and procurement teams. Showcasing how these time savings enabled teams to focus more on continuous improvement initiatives, driving long-term efficiency gains and operational excellence.
About the Presenter:

With nearly 10 years of experience in the mining industry as a Maintenance & Reliability Engineer, I've discovered a severe lack of tools to make quick and informed business decisions. To increase our operational efficiency and improve our assets' reliability, we need to measure ourselves through the use of insightful and meaningful KPIs. Unfortunately, many of us struggle to manipulate the data that we have to generate these KPIs, or worse, the data simply isn't available. As a passionate advocate for data-driven decision-making, I've dedicated my career to bridging this gap and empowering mining asset professionals with the necessary tools and expertise to unlock the full potential of their operations. Through my extensive knowledge and proficiency in data analytics and software development, I have successfully developed innovative solutions that optimize maintenance strategies, reduce downtime, and enhance overall asset performance.