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Maintenance Projects Failure: Navigating the Path to Success

Presenter: Serah Sanni
Marketing Manager, TRO Solutions
Maintenance projects are pivotal for asset longevity and efficiency, yet they are marred by high failure rates. This paper investigates the root causes of these failures, with a special focus on human factors, proposing a shift towards innovative methodologies, such as ‘The Flexible Thinker’, to mitigate these issues. The research highlights the importance of workforce engagement and psychological safety in ensuring project success. It explores the significant impact of project failures on asset performance, organizational costs, and employee morale. By examining expert insights, case studies, and industry benchmarks, the paper demonstrates how adopting cutting-edge technologies and methodologies that offer predictive solutions can transform maintenance project outcomes and ensure sustained operational efficiency of assets. At the heart of many asset management challenges are insufficient or ineffective processes and tools. While traditional methodologies like ISO 55,000 and Total Quality Management have provided structured approaches to quality control and improvement, there is a growing need for strategies that address the complexities of the modern workplace and the evolving organizational landscape. This necessitates a more people-centric approach, prioritizing ownership to foster a supportive and successful project environment. The introduction of the Flexible Thinker® Model represents a paradigm shift in project management strategies, blending traditional principles with modern innovation. This model emphasizes flexibility, creativity, and metrics, leveraging human potential, offering a comprehensive framework that is both timeless and agile. In conclusion, the paper advocates for a holistic approach to asset management that values processes, tools, and people equally. Incorporating the Flexible Thinker® Model can significantly enhance project success rates and address the perennial challenges of asset management project failures. This approach promises a more successful and sustainable outcome by fostering a supportive environment and strategically applying quality and change management methodologies.
About the Presenter:

Serah Sanni, PhD:
Marketing Manager at TRO Maintenance Solutions.

Serah Sanni is the Marketing Manager at TRO Maintenance Solutions. She blends a versatile expertise in project and asset management while exploring her unique skills in agility, mediation, and leadership. With a professional background as an educator, agile project manager, and lawyer, Serah has made significant strides in team collaboration, stakeholder management, and project successes. Her diverse expertise has been instrumental in fostering robust partnerships and achieving key organizational milestones.
Serah holds a PhD in Law alongside a Graduate Certificate in Project Management. Her blend of academic and professional training includes prestigious certifications like; PMP, SSM, and PSM.
Over the years, Serah has consistently demonstrated her ability to spearhead innovative strategies. She has effectively enhanced market presence, boosted client engagement, and delivered efficient maintenance management solutions, thereby driving significant advancements. Serah employs industry-leading methodologies and tools to skillfully manage human and material resources towards excellent project delivery. Her holistic approach integrates varied disciplines, enhancing team performance and project outcomes.
She is passionate about transforming traditional work dynamics by adopting a more flexible and inclusive approach. Her core values include openness, innovation, collaboration, adaptability, integrity, continuous improvement, and people-centricity.
Serah has notably participated in several conferences and seminars where she has presented influential papers. She has also served as a panelist on various critical discussions, offering her expert insights and contributing significantly to the discourse in her industry.
Serah is very creative and has a great sense of humor.