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IDMS Use Case For Run And Maintain

Presenter: Angela Saldivar
AIM & RBI Specialist, Antea Canada Inc
In today’s digital world, where efficiency and data-driven decision making are increasingly important, the role of an inspection data management system (IDMS) has become critical for operators in asset intensive industries. IDMS help eliminate information silos, integrate data sources, and create a single version of the truth to help operators make data-driven decisions in maintenance and reliability planning. But what are the practical use cases for IDMS? How is it used in typical workflows for maintenance and repair? This presentation will aim to answer those questions by examining the practical applications of an IDMS within maintenance and repair workflows. Attendees will learn the specific use cases for an IDMS in each stage of a typical workflow, how it works in tandem with other processes, and the benefits of implementing it. It will provide a detailed overview of how IDMS enhances operational efficiency by streamlining data collection, analysis and reporting processes. Attendees will gain insights into integrating IDMS with existing enterprise systems, ensuring seamless data flow and real-time updates. Featuring data from real use cases and examples from actual workflows, attendees will learn how to leverage IDMS to optimize inspection schedules, improve risk based inspection (strategies), and enhance maintenance workflows and processes. By the end of the presentation, attendees will be equipped with actionable knowledge to implement and maximize the benefits of IDMS in their own mechanical integrity programs.
About the Presenter:

Angela Saldivar is an asset integrity management (AIM) and risk-based inspection (RBI) specialist with over 10 years’ industry experience helping owner/operators achieve excellence in compliance and reliability. She has worked with several inspection and engineering companies such as Mistras, Team Industrial, and Equity Engineering, and is currently the AIM/RBI specialist for Antea. Angela has also worked as an owner/user with Mitsubishi Chemical America as an asset integrity specialist.