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Using Vibration Condition Monitoring to Identify Repeat Equipment Failures and How Advanced Vibration Analysis Methods Can Identify Solutions for Reliability Improvement

Presenter: Dora Orchard
Reliability Engineering & Advanced Diagnostics Lead, Acuren Group
This presentation will explore how using condition monitoring data (specifically from vibration analysis) can be used to flag and identify repeat equipment failures (‘bad actors’) for reliability improvements, and how in many situations advanced vibration analysis can be used to identify and assist with developing solutions to avoid these failures. Presenting examples of condition monitoring programs where repeat equipment failures were noted, proper selection of advanced diagnostic techniques allowed further diagnosis of conditions which led to these failures and provided guidance towards cost-effective and workable solutions. Vibration condition monitoring is an essential tool in plant maintenance management and operational reliability. Plant vibration data can also provide guidance towards advanced vibration analysis that can definitively identify sources of the chronic failures when other methods do not. Examples presented from various industries will include pumps and motors, rotors, gearboxes, and the structures that support them. Actual data including follow-up results confirming success will be presented in this session.
About the Presenter:

Ms. Orchard is a Senior Reliability Engineer with Acuren and has over 20 years of reliability engineering experience supporting maintenance, reliability, and operations in a variety of industrial sectors. Sectors include: pulp and paper, mineral processing, manufacturing, energy, transportation and defence. Since joining the company in 2001, she has been involved in numerous vibration monitoring and analysis projects for clients in these and other industries. Specific responsibilities and projects have included reliability program development and assessment, asset criticality assessment, as well as directing and performing advanced equipment vibration diagnostics and troubleshooting. This includes development and implementation of corrective action plans, including vibration control and dynamic balancing as well as other condition monitoring technologies. Working closely with the Acuren Team, she has participated in the development and delivery of various specialized techniques, including IN-SITU™ Roll Balancing and SCORE™ Maintenance Assessment. Ms. Orchard’s knowledge base allows her to deliver holistic asset management solutions that help ensure asset management and reliability improvements are cost effective and successful.