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No Value from AI-Predictive Maintenance? Maintenance Strategy is the Culprit

Presenter: Arun Gowtham
Reliability Engineer, RAMwright Consulting Co.
Organizations are rapidly implementing new digital tools for remote monitoring of assets and using them to drive maintenance actions. However, not all projects succeed in creating value for the teams. Where is the shortcoming? Is the technology broken or are we all falling for the marketing ploy? The answer is complicated. It has to do with each company's Maintenance Strategy for digital tool adoption. The choice of tools such as IIoT, CBM, and AI has to be blended with the business strategy. This talk will cover the ideas and principles to successfully execute AI-PdM in your organization. It will open the audience's mind to see that there are other supporting processes that need to be built into place to extract value from PdM. Gathered from multiple industries, the ideas are packaged into an abstract form that any member can apply it in their manufacturing plant.
About the Presenter:

Arun Gowtham is a Certified Reliability Engineer with a decade of industry experience applying Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) and Design for Reliability (DfR) practices to improve System Reliability. His breadth of exposure to diverse teams spanning 3 countries and 4 industries has given him unique insights & opportunities to tackle field failures and build sustaining reliability programs. His current interest is in employing data-driven analytics to underpin decision-making for Reliability Management. Arun started reliability journey with a thesis work on Predictive Modeling for RCM as part of his master's degree graduation from Drexel University, PA, USA. He also holds a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from Anna University, TN, India. Arun is an active volunteer; President of PEMAC GTA Chapter; and a registered engineer in Ontario.