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Conquer Complex Projects: Mastering STOs, EPCM, and Beyond

Presenter: Kurt Ersser
Managing Director, Kurser Inc
Embarking on a major project, whether industrial shutdowns, infrastructure upgrades, or even home renovations, brings inherent complexity and risk. This presentation equips you to navigate these challenges confidently, focusing on major maintenance, including shutdowns, turnarounds, outages (STO), and, more broadly, engineering, procurement, and construction management (EPCM) projects across industries. These undertakings represent significant financial commitments for investors – tens of millions to billions of dollars. They encompass critical infrastructure, new construction, or large-scale retrofits. But a common concern unites them: uncertainty. Will the event achieve its intended result, meet performance targets, and deliver the expected value? Is the schedule achievable to avoid delays impacting budgets? Are the projected costs within budget, as overruns can jeopardize the viability? Beyond these core uncertainties, additional challenges arise. Maintaining stakeholder confidence, alignment, and buy-in throughout the lifecycle is crucial. Financing requires a clear vision and demonstrated risk management ability. Mitigation strategies are critical for success. Attracting, retaining, and engaging teams of teams with expertise and fostering collaboration and performance are essential. This presentation unveils proven approaches that transcend industry boundaries. Whether you're managing a complex industrial STO or a large-scale residential renovation, the core principles remain the same. Discover industry-standard frameworks, methodologies, and practical tools for navigating complex undertakings effectively. Learn actionable strategies for all levels. This presentation caters to a broad audience, spanning industries, from front-line workers to C-suite executives steering complex undertakings. Gain valuable insights from the presenter's extensive experience across various industries and stakeholder groups. The presenter, Kurt Ersser, with over two decades of experience across the asset value chain and lifecycle, brings unparalleled expertise. Having worked as an (Original Equipment Manufacturer) OEM representative, owner-operator representative, and consultant/agent for STO and EPCM projects, his experience spans continents and industries.
About the Presenter:

Kurt Ersser is a seasoned professional with over two decades of experience in physical asset-related initiatives worldwide. He has held key roles in Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), owner-operator, and consultant capacities, specializing in service, engineering, project, program, and portfolio management, including Shutdown Turnaround and Outage (STO) and Engineering, Procurement, and Construction Management (EPCM) typically in high profile enterprise risk environments involving major capital investment.
Industry expertise spans aerospace, automotive, mining, oil and gas, petrochemical, robotics, steelmaking, and power generation, with a focus on energy, power, and electrification. Throughout his career, Kurt has contributed to various stages of the value chain, including new market entry, business development, negotiation, technology commercialization, contracts, acquisition, proposal, design, engineering, supply chain, manufacturing, construction, commissioning, startup, operations, maintenance, reliability, service, modifications, and divestiture.
Kurt has collaborated with notable organizations such as Arcelor Mittal Dofasco, Baker Hughes General Electric, Bruce Power (Nuclear), Conoco, Dana Automotive Incorporated, ENMAX Energy Corporation, Fluor/JGC, Gran Tierra Energy, General Motors, Siemens, and Mitsubishi Hitachi to name a few.
His academic credentials include a Master of Business Administration (MBA), a Bachelor of Engineering (B.Eng.), a Diploma in Mechanical Engineering Technology (Dipl.T.), and a Trade School Journeyman Certificate (Automotive)
Kurt also possesses several professional certifications, including Certified Energy Manager (CEM) ISO 50000, Certified Asset Management Assessor (CAMA) ISO 55000, Project Management Professional (PMP) ANSI 99-001/ISO 21500, Professional Engineer (P.Eng.) - Alberta RSA 2000 and Ontario RSO 1990, and an Interprovincial Red Seal Endorsement (RSE) tradesman in Automotive O Reg 875/21.