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Maintenance STO’s – Integrating Project Work into STO’s; The Project Team Might not be the Villain

Presenter: Frank Engli
Regional Group Lead - Canada, Reliability, Maintenance, Turnarounds and Capital Projects, Becht
Maintenance STO (Shutdown, Turnaround, Outages) events involve major expenditures of time and money for any large continuous process plant. Without careful planning and preparation, they can quickly and easily overrun their target cost and schedule. STO events with a high proportion of capital work are particularly at risk of overrun. Every STO Manager knows that if there is capital work to be executed in the STO, that spells trouble for the predictability of the event schedule and cost targets; And most STO managers, when asked why, will state that it’s the fault of the project managers. But is it really that simple? Often the project manager is given a “poisoned chalice”, asked to implement a project within an impossibly short timescale. It will also show that the project manager needs to know before the project budget is finalized, how the project will integrate into the event. This presentation will show how to approach the integration of project work into a STO event, in order to maximize the chances of success and minimize the risk of failure. It will look at setting the project up with a realistic timescale; it will discuss what should be in an integration plan and why the project manager needs to know it before the STO manager; and it will discuss how the STO manager can improve the visibility of project progress reporting for STO readiness.
About the Presenter:

Frank Engli is a Senior Maintenance and Turnaround advisor at Becht and resides in Edmonton, Alberta.
Becht is a specialty consulting provider in the energy industry, focused on helping our clients succeed. Becht engages world class experts in providing multi-disciplinary solutions in engineering and plant services.
Frank has over thirty-eight years of experience working in operation settings at six different sites on project, maintenance, HSSE and turnaround management and continuous improvement processes in the energy, refinery and petrochemical industry. Mr. Engli has engineering and business degrees (BASc, M.Eng and MBA) and a Six Sigma Black Belt (Lean) skills in solving site problems and a proven track record to implement change and create sustaining management programs and processes. He is a licensed engineer in provinces of Alberta and Ontario.
Frank has also built a strong network across North American with external clients, competitors, contractors and building trades and is a sought as a speaker at Canadian and international turnaround and maintenance conferences, webinars, and podcasts.