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The Application of Modern Maintenance and RCM Principles to Improve Asset Intensive Industries

Presenter: Ron Doucet
Principal, RYKE Reliability Inc.
The fundamental underpinning the RCM process form the basis for all modern maintenance principles. These fundamentals established a new understanding of maintenance yet the RCM process is still not well understood and those that do not understand the process or the principles propagate the myth that it is difficult and time consuming. More important than the RCM process itself are the underpinning principles on how assets fail and how to develop the strategies to manage these failures. This presentation will create a paradigm change in the management of failures by reviewing and explaining all of the underpinning RCM principles and conclude with examples of how these princiles can be used. The presentation will discuss all categories of failures and all possible solutions including those involving human error. This presentation will show how the RCM principles can be used for: • Task formulation • PM task review • Root Cause Failure Analysis • Spares determination • The above will be supported by case studies
About the Presenter:

Ron Doucet is a professional engineer who has been improving the performance of assets, departments, and companies for over 30 years. Ron always had an intolerance for repetitive failures, and this was one of his primary focuses in every department he worked in or led. In industry, Ron had the privilege of doing the analyses on how to improve performance and led the implementation and transition to a culture of reliability, in parallel with leading the day-to-day operations. This enabled him to develop real-life and proven methodologies to improve the performance of assets and road maps to improve the performance of asset-intensive businesses. Ron had the opportunity to be trained by the late John Moubray, the globally recognized expert in RCM and the author of the book RCM II, in which he received an honourable mention based on his successes in RCM and the application of its principles. Ron is the developer of RCM-based improvement processes, including PMO Pro®, RCS Pro®, and RCFA Pro®, and developed the process for improving the performance of asset-intensive businesses, known as The RYKE Way. In 2010, he set up RYKE Inc., a reliability solutions provider focused on improving the performance of asset-intensive businesses and providing training and mentoring in RCM and RYKE’s improvement processes. Ron is an active instructor in PEMAC’s MMP program.