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Multi-week Scheduling – The Key to Implement a Sustainable Planned Work Culture in Today's Industry 4.0 Era

Presenter: Jean Charbonneau
President, CiM Maintenance INC
Everybody is talking about Industry 4.0 cool technologies, but today, more than 50% of asset-intensive companies are still more than 50% reactive This workshop covers the fundamental elements required to implement a sustainable planned work culture by implementing an efficient Multi-week scheduling process using Industry 4.0 Digital Technology, which must be explicitly designed to ensure that People are playing their required roles flawlessly in order for the Processes to provide the expected value. - Asset performance and maintenance excellence - IPSPEC Planned maintenance work execution cycle. - Implementing an effective multi-week scheduling process using Industry 4.0 technologies to ensure the work required to prevent equipment failures is always done on -time in a planned mode. - Developing strong teamwork between Maintenance and Operations with the common goal of maximizing equipment uptime and production output. - Maximizing the value for multi-site companies by standardizing processes and people roles across the organization. - Implementing an organization-wide long-term sustainment program to provide permanent value. - Measuring and sustaining the value across the organization. Key Takeaways: - Success depends primarily on defining and successfully implementing proper planning, scheduling, and work execution supervision’s industry best practices roles for the multi-week scheduling processes. - Digital Technologies must be explicitly designed to ensure that People perform their roles flawlessly in order for the Processes to deliver the expected value. - Change management and long-term sustainment are of utmost importance for successful implementation and delivering permanent value
About the Presenter:

Jean Charbonneau has over 30 years of experience as a reliability engineer and consultant in asset performance. 25 years ago, he founded the Maintenance Excellence Group, putting together a team of asset reliability experts to assist asset intensive organizations with performing the right maintenance, at the right time, at the lowest cost.

Mr. Charbonneau is a worldwide renowned speaker and an industry leading influencer on the best strategies for asset intensive organizations to advance to the Industry 4.0 era and maximize their asset performance and production output.