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Developing an Inclusive Workforce - Expanding Inclusion in Maintenance, Reliability and Asset Management

Presenter: Blair Carmichael
Our world is ever-changing. The maintenance and asset management world is predominantly dominated by men, but that is shifting. But it can only shift if the people at the top create a welcoming workforce. As Supervisors, Managers, Executives, and Employees it is our job to make everyone on our team feel welcomed. If we do not change and create a welcoming environment, we will miss out on new ideas and concerns that these individuals bring to the take This workshop will include discussions on identities, privilege, bystander interference, and creating a welcoming work environment. This workshop will focus on activities including: -Privilege Sale -5 D's to Bystander Interference -Employee Profile Situations
About the Presenter:

Blair Carmichael (they/them) grew up in North Bay, Ontario, the Gateway to the North. Blair has their B.Comm. and BBA from Nipissing University and their MBA from the Australian Institute of Business, and is completing their education for PEMAC’s CAMP. Blair was working at Ontario Northland Transportation Commission on the Enterprise Asset Management implementation program until going on a mental health leave in Oct 2022. Since then has been taking advantage of the amazing advancements in mental health to heal.
Blair identifies as non-binary and is a strong believer in making the world more inclusive. At home, you’ll find Blair crocheting some projects, binging the latest reality TV competition or drama, while their dog Benson is acting moody until treats are given.