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Case Study: Implementing Working Menu for the Maintenance Team

Presenter: Alp Bora
Maintenance Director, ACPE Inc.
This is a case study at a mine site. The mine had a change in management, and they brought a new maintenance superintendent. This presentation summarizes how I coached him and his team to become a high performing team team. We defined what a proactive maintenance team looks like. We then defined the expectations from the superintendent and supervisors, and build working menu. This work was focused more on the soft skills rather than hard skills. The presentation will present three pillars of high performing maintenance teams: systems, processes and behaviours. We touched on all these three pillars, but made sure that the expectations around behaviours were well communicated and understood. The presentation will interest the maintenance and operations management team.
About the Presenter:

Alp is the Head of Innovation at Alp Bora & Co., an independent think tank and consulting firm providing advisory, speaking and coaching services in the areas of: Mining & Metals, Business Strategy and Leadership. The mission is to help mining & metallurgy companies achieve operational excellence & support the mining industry's transition to a sustainable future. Alp's expertise include project management, operational excellence and asset management.

À propos du présentateur : Alp est le responsable de l'innovation chez Alp Bora & Co., un groupe de réflexion indépendant et un cabinet de conseil fournissant des services de conseil, de conférences et de coaching dans les domaines suivants : Mines et métaux, Stratégie d'entreprise et Leadership. Sa mission est d'aider les entreprises minières et métallurgiques à atteindre l'excellence opérationnelle et à soutenir la transition de l'industrie minière vers un avenir durable. Les domaines d'expertise d'Alp comprennent la gestion de projet, l'excellence opérationnelle et la gestion des actifs.