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Asset Acquisition - Balancing Project Delivery and Asset Management Priorities for Success

Presenter: Christopher Biel
Principal Consultant, PPAIP Consulting
As asset managers, we focus on the lifecycle of our asset which is dominated by the operate and maintain phase. Project managers focus on the safe, timely delivery of a project. In today’s business environment these goals should align during the asset acquisition phase, but unfortunately often conflict in practice. How we acquire, renew or expand our assets is most often driven by short term and capital project management frameworks with limited influence from Asset Management thinking. Resulting in the loss of significant value to the business and often causing conflict between project management and asset management professionals This paper will use the lens of “operational readiness” and case studies from recent projects combined with the learnings from the development of an operational readiness standard for a number of mining and industrial clients to educate asset managers, maintenance & operations teams and project managers in: What is operations readiness and its benefits to the business? How do we integrate our asset management needs into the project lifecycle? How can we improve the alignment and communication between the project team and the operating business.
About the Presenter:

Christopher Biel, P.Eng., holds CAMP, PMP, and MIAM certifications.

Chris started his career in maintenance and has participated in the maturing of asset management thinking in the mining, manufacturing, and infrastructure industries. He holds an asset management professional certification, trades qualifications, a degree in mechanical engineering, and a range of general management certifications. In industry, he has held a variety of line, leadership, and corporate positions, spanning maintenance, operations, asset management, engineering, and capital projects.

Since moving to consulting 15 years ago, Chris held parallel positions as the Global Lead for Operational Readiness and the North American Regional Director for Asset Management & Operational Performance in a major engineering and project management company. He has worked on asset start-ups, sustained operations, and focused improvements in Australia, Asia, Africa, South America, U.S., and Canada.

Based in Toronto, he is now the principal consultant of PPAIP Consulting, specializing in assisting clients to improve asset management and the performance of their assets and projects.