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Benefit-Cost Analysis Tool for Natural Asset Management

Presenter: Lilian Barraclough
Project Coordinator - Nature Based Solutions, New Brunswick Environmental Network
Annika Chiasson
Executive Director
Climate change is here, it is happening and it is impacting Canadians. However, there are cost-effective and sustainable solutions that provide co-benefits that can help our communities and ecosystems better survive its impact and improve overall quality of life and wellbeing. Nature-based and natural asset approaches to adapting to climate change focus on implementing infrastructure that restores and protects natural areas while removing greenhouse gasses from the atmosphere, reducing flooding and stormwater surge risks, and supporting biodiversity. Although nature-based climate solutions are well supported by scientists and the environmental sector, their uptake on a local level has been slow due to a lack of capacity and resources. The Government of Canada, provincial governments, and many municipal governments have committed to increasing awareness of climate change risks and supporting preparedness as well as developing nature-based solutions to increase resilience and maintain biodiversity. Many communities face high risks of asset management disruption caused by flooding, storm surges, and erosion due to climate change but have little access to resources and capacity and, as such, work needs to be done to support capacity and skill building for local governments on the implementation of nature-based climate solutions. This session led by the New Brunswick Environmental Network will be presenting a Cost-Benefit Analysis framework and decision-making tool for municipalities to support decision making and implementation of nature-based solutions to coastal erosion, stormwater surges, and inland flooding. The session will provide background on nature-based climate solutions, share the results of a public survey of opinion of residents in NB of nature-based climate solutions, and lead participants through hands-on activities using the cost-benefit analysis framework to inform decision making. Following this workshop, the NBEN will be available for mentoring and training on the tool for municipalities interested in pursuing nature-based climate solutions.
About the Presenter:

Lilian Barraclough holds a Master of Environmental Studies from Dalhousie University and is the Project Coordinator for all the work on Nature-Based Climate Solutions at the New Brunswick Environmental Network.

About the Co-presenter: Annika Chiasson is the Executive Director of the New Brunswick Environmental Network. She has worked with communities in New Brunswick for over a decade on environmental protection and awareness.