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The Use of Reality Scans To Update and Restructure the Asset Register

Presenter: Henry Adarighofua
Senior Manager, ReVisionz
Philip Schachtner
Many organizations execute their Asset Management Plan on an incomplete Asset Register. In many cases this is the result of old and outdated engineering information, many MoCs that were not updated in the asset register, or insufficient rigor in managing the asset register. An incomplete asset register is one of the most basic risks in the Asset Management process, it is the “risk of the unknows”, while assuming that “we have all our assets”, or that “someone will do something about it”. This presentation will demonstrate how a reality laser scan can be used to confirm the “as-is” state of the physical plant and equipment, how it can be leveraged to update the completeness of the asset register, and to identify outdated or duplicated assets in the asset register. The presentation will include the following: What is the value of ensuring that the asset register is up to date. How reality scans can be used in place of missing engineering drawings and information. How reality scans can be used to confirm as-built status of engineering drawings or 3D models. How the location and asset hierarchy in an EAM system can be updated and restructured based on reality scans. Real life case studies of how reality scans were utilized to update the asset register. Risks that were identified and mitigated in these case studies. Presentation Agenda: Is our EAM Asset Register up to date? What is a Digital Twin, and how does it relate to our Asset Register? What is a “reality scan” in the context of a “digital twin”? How can an EAM Asset Register be updated with the use of a reality scan. Case studies and findings from two projects that leveraged reality scans.
About the Presenter:

Henry Adarighofua is an active professional engineer with a degree in mechanical engineering. He has about two decades of experience in maintenance, reliability, operations, and asset management driving excellence in these areas. Henry has successfully led teams in implementing best practices in asset management, improving operational efficiency, and achieving sustainable results. With a proven track record of spearheading initiatives that deliver tangible business outcomes across various continents, Henry is dedicated to sharing practical insights, actionable strategies, and industry successful practices to inspire and empower conference attendees to elevate their maintenance and reliability practices to new heights.

About the Co-presenter: Philip Schachtner is an EAM Specialist with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. He has over 30 years of experience in Maintenance, Reliability and Asset Performance, and an in-depth knowledge of EAM Systems. Philip has led EAM data quality improvement and master data standards projects for many clients across North America and assisted clients with his expertise in standards including ISO55000, IAM, ISO14224, CFIHOS, SMD, PIDX, and SMRP best practices and performance measures.