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Manage Strategic Nuclear Operations Using Project Management Methodology:

Presenter: Ron Gavrin
Principal, Self Employed
Abstract: Managing large Plant operations can be enhanced using established project management methods: This paper starts with the theory of Project Mgmt techniques to enhance the business planning cycle for a large industrial facility. The foundation of this process is developed from basic quality management theory. The paper then describes an actual case study of a large nuclear station, where project management methods were used to manage overall operations of the nuclear station. The PM methods included creating a Work Breakdown Structure matching project results, costs, resources, and work to the work packages which are ongoing operational units and using project planning tools such as Gantt Chart software to ensure the operational plan is carried out. The paper describes the organizational aspects of the process and how employee alignment is enhanced. The management of plant outages( turnarounds) and the similarity with projects is also discussed. The literature normally limits project management to projects and does not cross the line into general management. This paper describes how project management techniques and tools were introduced to enhance general plant management, with a result that was a true Enterprise Project Management, that is so often alluded to in literature, yet so elusive. The presentation would also draw out the audience to share their experiences using similar tools. This would enhance our knowledge of what is being used in plant general management today.
About the Presenter:

Ron Gavrin is retired from a 30-plus-year career as an engineer and MBA in various industries—electrical, utility, paper, mining, and petroleum. Most of his career was spent in the nuclear sector with Ontario Hydro (OPG), where he worked as the business superintendent and project controls manager for major nuclear projects in Darlington, Ont., and he has implemented programs in business risk management and nuclear system long-term planning (i.e., strategic asset management). He now teaches project management, risk management, asset management, engineering management, energy management, and cost engineering at various institutions in Toronto.