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A Modern Approach to Asset Data Management

Presenter: Judy Yu
Discipline Leader Data Management, Associated Engineering
Nathan Prins
Project Manager
Applying agile data governance and leveraging 21 century tools and methods to create an ecosystem that supports the success of asset data management strategies. This approach addresses challenges in resourcing for developing strong governance that considers strategic, tactical and operational needs while providing a unique approach to data gathering, quality and quantity of data at a program level.
About the Presenter:

Judy is a professional engineer with 12 years of municipal experience and 10 years in the consulting industry working with clients to prepare for and implement technological solutions to achieve organizational objectives for efficiency and client service. She specializes in data management for infrastructure planning including risk identificaiton and investment forecasting along with real time data for decision making. She is a member of DAMA International and a working group member for the Standards Council of Canada on Data Governance. She believes that data management and governance (within jurisdictions and between jurisdictions), moving forward, will have a profound impact on our collective outcomes for economic success, environmental protection and social wellbeing recognizing that our Canadian context is unique with both challenges and opportunities

About the Co-presenter: Nathan has been an Alberta Land Surveyor since 2012 a Saskatchewan Land Surveyor since 2014, and has over 16 years technical experience in surveying. His duties include field survey to project management in several highly technical areas from GPS surveys, 3D laser scanning, high precision networks, engineering construction and legal surveys. He is passionate about technology and innovation to create visibility for clients on the assets they own, providing data security and access to support good decision making.