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Keynote: Strategic Investment Into Our Greatest Asset – Our People

Presenter: Jeremy Sylvain
Maintenance Supervisor & Coordinator, NAES Corporation
Our collective goals are to operate and maintain the facility in a safe, compliant, effective, and socially responsible manner to sustain a 100% commercial availability. There is no greater impact to these goals than the people directly responsible for the Operation and Maintenance at the Facilities. These goals are met through a combination of strategies that involve a myriad of challenging communications. More than anything, these communications require a complimentary skillset not necessarily honed by todays skilled craftsmen, soft skills. They may take the form of questioning the status quo, holding each other accountable, or courageous conversations. Essentially, we want teams who will listen and understand the facts of the whole situation at hand, and work together to elevate to the occasion, thereby addressing the failure or opportunities for improvements to the absolute best of their collaborative abilities. In addition to having the Technical skillset to operate and maintain our critical assets, our high functioning Teams need to contribute and extrapolate their soft skills by: - Creating a psychologically safe space to work to collaborate and challenge - Know, understand, believe the facts, then Act - Fostering an Environmental & Safety conscious workplace - Empowering each other, challenging the status quo and continuous improvement Teams that can leverage these 4 key strategies are able to rise to greatness at the most critical moments and inspire each other to do their very best work. As such, the focus of this MMP Capstone will be the strategic investment and development of our Teams’ communications skillset. We will explore the many communications related failures that I have personally experienced and dissect individually the cost of each such failure, thereby quantifying the cost of poorly managed communications and, the cost benefit to investing in our greatest asset; Our People.
About the Presenter:

I am a Dual-ticketed trades professional and accomplished engineering technician with 20 years’ progressive industrial experience and more than 10 years’ direct leadership success within the oil and gas energy sector. Throughout my career, I’ve also been afforded great growth opportunities that enabled me to develop and advance leadership strengths and maintenance project management skills. Serving primarily in supervisory roles across the last 10+ years, I have earned a reputation for achieving production, quality, and performance excellence through effective program development, strategic change management, and motivational team leadership on complex projects’ with budgets exceeding $15M. In addition, through keen awareness and enforcement of various industrial health and safety codes, legislations, and regulations, I have been able to establish and maintain a stellar safety record of 0 LTI.
I am a Father to three beautiful children. My leisure time is usually connected to coaching or managing sports teams. I also enjoy hockey, golf and reading.