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Turning Strategy into Maintenance Excellence

Presenter: Melissa Schmidt
General Manager, Finning
In service providing organizations, coordinating resources to minimize redundancy, manage cost to serve and combat employee disengagement becomes a differentiator. For larger organizations this can further support streamlined captial and operational investments such as facilities, speciality tooling and training. Within the maintenance industry we project that 35% of our trades persons time is actually on the tools (module 6), this is an alarming statistic that resonates with many professionals. Organizing resources intentionally, creating the customer experience while managing these investments can be achieved in a network strategy. The network organizes resources between generalists and specialists and capitalizes on placing services that require specialization in labour markets that have depth. Organizing is only part of the equation, having a comprehensive & fluid S&OP process and a mechanism (ex: a control tower) to bring real time visibility into capacity increases productivity and reduces overall cost to serve. At my organization, we have done just that. Beginning in 2019, we designed a hub and spoke model that would support a long term vision of creating capacity through strategic efficiency. This transformational pivot required considerable foresight, change management and Since the MRO articlehttps://www.mromagazine.com/digital-archives/september-2020/ (page 12) in 2020, the focus on capturing internal & external demand signals to support the maturity of our capacity and capability (S&OP) planning, we have been able to grow niche market shares by 300% in under 2 years. THe planning coupled with the increased/real time visbility through our contol tower has supported sustainable growth in an ever shifting economic climate.
About the Presenter:

A passion for continuous improvement and innovation led me to the MMP Program in 2011. Having a diverse career in the oil and gas sector, primarily in heavy equipment, demands that you never stop evolving your knowledge. A 25 year career with one organization provided ample opportunity to test the practical application of maintenance principles. From front line operational roles within a unionized environment to strategic business development, my objective has always been to give back to the maintenance management community. It was this objective that led me to complete a MBA through the University of Fredericton (2019). With the studying complete, it was time once again to practice the application of evolving principles. When the work is done, Melissa enjoys a balance of tranquility and adventure, spending quiet days on an acreage on the outskirts of Edmonton, AB with equal enjoyment on the ski slope or a motorcycle in the mountains