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Part Criticality - An important link between asset uptime and effective Supply Chain Management

Presenter: Andrew Jordan
Managing Director, Xtivity Inc.
Asset Criticality is an important input to production system design, maintenance strategy definition and short term work execution management processes. The value the supporting FEMA exercises provide in determining these categorizations is well understood in the Reliability Community. Less common is the extension of this analytical rigor to the spare parts required to maintain equipment. Establishing and maintaining robust part criticality values can be an invaluable link between operations and the supporting supply chain, helping to set stocking strategies, inform alternative material management approaches and quickly flag when expediting is required. Despite the value, part criticality values (or Risk Priority Numbers) are rarely objectively derived and even less frequently maintained. This presentation is intended to: 1. Establish the link between asset health and spare part availability 2. Illustrate common item criticality practices 3. Provide an overview of a robust item criticality assessment approach 4. Highlight the benefits to be gained from an enhanced approach to item criticality determination.
About the Presenter:

As Managing Director, Andrew leads Xtivity’s (www.xtivity.com) strategic and operational activities, focused on improving asset availability, in asset-intensive industries, through the effective management of inventory and the supporting MRO supply chain.
Prior to joining Xtivity, Andrew spent more than 20 years as a supply chain executive and practitioner in corporate roles at companies like Novartis and Diageo. And before to that in various consulting roles with Ernst & Young. Prior to joining Xtivity in 2014, Andrew ran a successful supply chain consulting practice.
Andrew has a proven track record in improving manufacturing and supply chain performance capabilities across diverse industries such as: Pharmaceutical, Mining, Consumer Packaged Goods, Pulp and Paper and Food & Beverage.
Xtivity, based in London, ON, provides technology driven solutions for the MRO supply chain, with more than 50 clients in 14 countries. Through our cloud-based software and consulting services, Xtivity helps asset-intensive companies increase equipment reliability, improve cashflow and increase operational efficiency. Xtivity is owned by Remsoft, Inc., (www.remsoft.com) another Canadian-based asset optimization company, delivering solutions to more than 150 global companies.