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Controlling the Turnaround Event Scope “Thinking Beyond the Scope Challenge”

Presenter: Frank Engli
Senior Advisor, Becht
Maintenance Turnaround events involve major expenditures of time and money for any large continuous process plant. Without careful planning and preparation they can quickly and easily overrun their target cost and schedule. The larger and more complex the scope to be executed in the turnaround, the greater the risk is, of cost and schedule overruns. For this reason, it has, in recent years, become the norm for turnaround teams to use a “scope challenge” process, just before freezing the scope list. The purpose of the challenge being to review every work item and decide whether it should be in the scope of the turnaround event. Some of these “scope challenge” sessions can get quite sophisticated, involving a risk assessment, balancing the cost of doing the maintenance repair in the turnaround against the cost of doing it after a (probability weighted) breakdown during normal running. Many turnaround teams stop there, and assume that if they’ve had a “scope challenge”, then they’ve done what they can to optimize and control the scope. But more and more are beginning to realise that a “Risk Based Work Selection” Scope challenge session, while useful and necessary, is only one element in a process for choosing and controlling the work scope at an optimum level. This paper will describe a successful and more holistic approach, using scope control methods that start with the premise document (reference earlier article), include the scope gathering phase, go through the “Risk Based Work Selection” process and carry on to the “Additional Work Request” process after scope freeze. Along the way it will also discuss how to ensure that site leadership and plant operations staff “buy in” to the need to control the scope.
About the Presenter:

Frank Engli is a Senior Maintenance and Turnaround advisor at Becht and resides in Edmonton, Alberta.
Becht is a specialty consulting provider in the energy industry, focused on helping our clients succeed. Becht engages world class experts in providing multi-disciplinary solutions in engineering and plant services.
Frank has over thirty-eight years of experience working in operation settings at six different sites on project, maintenance, HSSE and turnaround management and continuous improvement processes in the energy, refinery and petrochemical industry. Mr. Engli has engineering and business degrees (BASc, M.Eng and MBA) and a Six Sigma Black Belt (Lean) skills in solving site problems and a proven track record to implement change and create sustaining management programs and processes. He is a licensed engineer in provinces of Alberta and Ontario.
Frank has also built a strong network across North American with external clients, competitors, contractors and building trades and is a sought as a speaker at Canadian and international turnaround and maintenance conferences, webinars, and podcasts.