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Making Asset Management Useful in Operational Management

Presenter: Paul Daoust
Founder, Managing Director, Scio Asset Management Inc.
Formal asset management has a relevancy problem when it comes to practical application in operations-heavy industrial sectors. It is a major reason the uptake of holistic and strategic formal asset management has been so slow in North America. As asset management practitioners we are failing to offer and deliver AM in a way that is aligned to and integrated with the incumbent operational management system. To have utility and add value we must see the challenges from the senior operational leaders' perspective and offer AM in a practical way that is seen as the solution to their problems. Join Paul Daoust as he threads the needle and binds great asset management into great operational management.
About the Presenter:

Paul Daoust has almost 30 years of experience in asset management and operational excellence in the energy sector.

As the founder of Scio Asset Management, Paul is declaring war on mediocrity and empowering progressive operational leaders to make better decisions to stop value leakage in their organizations through learning, coaching, advising services, and technology solutions.

As a director of PEMAC.org, Paul is a leading international advocate for asset management practices for industrial and infrastructure asset-owning organizations.