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  1. Attendee list 30 days before MainTrain and complete list post event
    1. List includes attendee name, company, and title
  2. Sponsor Presentation (NEW)
    1. Speaker info, presentation title and description of presentation will be needed
    2. 45-minute (30 presentation, 15 Q&A) in-person presentation
    3. Although there are no restrictions in content, attendees would appreciate technical or teachable content
    4. Use of PEMAC speaker template is not mandatory
    5. AV, room host and recoding are all included
    6. Presentation will be added to the program and highlighted as a sponsored presentation
    7. Timing and date will be decided by MT2023 Planning Committee
    8. Speaker must be physically present and can be in addition to sponsor conference registration
    9. Additional abstracts can be submitted and will be reviewed as all other submissions
  3. Social Media Promotion
    1. Same message to be posted on PEMAC’s Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook
    2. Provide 280 characters and picture to be scheduled with consultation on timing with PEMAC’s Marketing Coordinator
  4. Exhibit space – In Person
    1. One standard exhibit spaces in premium location
    2. One draped 6-foot tables with two chairs
    3. Total booth footprint 10ft wide x 6ft deep
    4. Preference for location of exhibit space is given to date of sponsorship registration
    5. Electricity is included
  5. Conference registrations
    1. Three online and in person
    2. Passes cannot be shared
    3. Complementary code provided. Sponsor is responsible for registration
  6. Virtual Exhibit space
    1. Exhibitor Analytics available through the online platform during conference with everyone who visited your virtual exhibitor space. (List includes attendee name, company and title)
    2. Includes clickable logo on sponsor listing, website link, downloadable documents, live 1 on 1 video or text chat with interested attendees, uploadable videos
    3. Access to Virtual Exhibit Hall one month before event and two months post conference
    4. During live event, attendees can instantly join a live video meeting with up to 25 fellow attendees and exhibit staff members
  7. Profile & Logo on Sponsor page
    1. Company profile with logo on MainTrain Conference Sponsorship page
  8. Gamification
    1. Three gamification codes
    2. Through the PheedLoop platform, attendees can collect points. Attendees enter codes to claim points and track their progress on a leader board and then redeem points for exciting prizes. Attendees will need to visit your booth (in-person or virtual) to receive the codes. You may wish to put them in your company description, direct them to speak with you, add to a downloadable document or add to your social media post
    3. Submit a prize with a value of at least $50 to receive an additional code