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Maximizing the Effectiveness of Your Computerized Maintenance Management Software

Presenter: Richard Beer
Consultant, TRO Maintenance Solutions
Too often we hear the struggle of not being able to get the information that is required out of the system. It's like the data has disappeared into a big black hole. Maintenance Staff get frustrated in having to feed a system that is difficult to use and time consuming for what is perceived as little or no benefit. This discussion details what a CMMS can do and how best to realize the benefits from using a CMMS. There are a number of critical success factors in managing your CMMS including: • Organization policies and objectives • staff turnover • training • reduced staffing • database review audits • outdated software
About the Presenter:

Graduating with an MBA from Concordia University in 1990, Richard Beer has been a maintenance management specialist since 1993. Richard currently works as a practice manager, where his knowledge and expertise assist our client organizations to transition from reactive to proactive maintenance. Richard brings practical experience, having worked as a maintenance planner and manager for Toronto Pearson International Airport. In addition, Richard worked for Datastream Systems as a lead consultant for its software implementations and training on its MP2 and MP5 systems. His abilities in strategic management as it relates to maintenance is unrivalled as witnessed in his top 10 golden rules of database management (TroSolutions.com). Richard has thrived in a "misunderstood" and often forgotten niche of business, offering maintenance management solutions to the manufacturing, pharmaceutical, food processing, and transportation industries in need of maximizing plant uptime, optimizing PM programs and stores management, and reducing maintenance costs. Highly personable and down to earth, but well versed in technology and his industry, Richard is a clear champion of out-of-the-box thinking. He knows what's needed to succeed.