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Asset Management effectiveness begins with the right plans - are you planning and delivering the right capital and O&M work?

Presenter: Roopchan Lutchman
Senior Partner, Advisory Services, SLBC Inc.
Asset management (AM) is a far-ranging topic and can be very confusing or overwhelming to anyone who is now embarking on a program or trying to take their existing program up a notch. The biggest impact in AM is on the planning side of the AM Framework. Essentially, if you plan well, then you can execute the right activities (capital project, operations, and maintenance tasks) well. Conversely, which is the case with many organizations, there is poor planning but with efficient execution of the work and attendant sub-optimal performance. Excellence in AM requires effective planning in three areas: Growth and Rationalization, Renewal & Replacement, and Operations & Maintenance. This presentation will provide best-in-class concepts for developing these three areas and the return on investment in effective planning, and will be supported by real-life examples.
About the Presenter:

Roopchan Lutchman has been a trusted advisor helping clients to minimize the cost of business through practical and effective solutions over the past 25 years. He is a published author with three books focused on business optimization. He brings a global perspective to projects based on the work he undertook in the 2008 and 2012 WSAA international asset management benchmarking projects, as well as numerous projects in Canada and the U.S. These include water, wastewater, public works, rail, ports, and oil & gas clients. He has helped clients develop solutions in the following focus areas: strategy, assets, people, processes, technology, and data.